The Three Types Of Patents

There are actually three types of patents: utility patents, design patents, and plant patents. The Utility patents are the most common and generally the most valuable of the three types of patents.

When the word “patent” is used, it usually refers to a utility patent. Utility patents are patents on inventions or improvements to existing inventions. The patents that are owned by large corporations are utility patents. When you apply for a patent for your invention, a utility patent will give you the greatest protection over your invention as explained by InventHelp patenting agency experts.

The second kind of patent is a design patent. A design patent protects the ornamental design, or shape of an article of manufacture. For example, the aesthetic shape of a bottle or of an automobile body, where the shape has no functional benefit. Design patents are much less common, and less valuable than utility patents. Beware. Those late night TV advertisements that offer cheap patents often refer to design patents, and not utility patents.

The third type of patent is called a plant patent. These are very uncommon, so I will just define it here and leave it at that. A plant patent is a patent on an asexually reproduced plant.

Whatever, let’s move on.

Other Types Of Intellectual Property

Patents fall under an area of law called intellectual property. There are three main areas of intellectual property law: patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Inventions fall under the law of patents. Business names, logos, and slogans fall under the law of trademarks. Books, music, and movies fall under the law of copyrights.

Patent Attorneys And Intellectual Property Law

Patent law is a very complex and specialized area of law. Patent attorneys are required to have both a law degree and a science degree. In addition, they must be licensed by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Although any attorney can assist you with a copyright or trademark, only a registered patent attorney or patent agency like Invent Help can assist you with a patent. In general, most patent attorneys practice all areas of intellectual property law.

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