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There are different patents depending on the reasons and duration of their issuance to new inventions. These patent types are examined under 3 main headings.

Among the patent types, the patent document that protects the invention in the longest way is the patent document with examination. The period given for the protection of the invention is 20 years in this patent type. Another type of patent that protects the invention for a shorter period of time is the patent document without examination. This document provides a 7-year protection period for the invention as explained in details on

Since the duration of the patent document without examination is short, its cost is also low. The protection period of the utility model registration certificate is 10 years. The utility model certificate issued for registration of new inventions mostly covers inventions of small scale.

The duration of obtaining the certificate of the patent with examination will vary according to the work density of the company chosen by the application and the research and examination reports to be made.

If the patent application you made for your invention passes through all the stages and receives the letter of conformity from the US Patent Institute, a legal protection, that is, the patent right, will take 20 years.

The right to a patent is a personal right. You can find the regulation that shows the application of the decree law on the protection of patent rights on the website of the US Patent Institute and you can have detailed information about what and what these rights cover.

The product or method subject to the patent shall not be used, produced or sold by anyone without your permission. All these rights belong to you.

The patent right can be transferred. If the patent owner wishes, he / she can transfer all patent rights to someone else, provided that a patent contract is signed before a notary public. But after this process, it can not claim any rights again as described on

The patent right can be inherited. That is, if the person who owns the patent rights of an invention dies, these rights will be transferred to their legal heirs. The duration of the patent right is 20 years.

The right to patent is a right that encourages people to make innovations and inventions and contributes to the development of the world industry.

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