Altruism as Reflected in Kid Invention Ideas

More and more children find themselves joining the circle of creative inventors. While some of them actually create products of their ideas, others share their kid invention ideas to express their wishes as stated onĀ

The following are some examples of kid invention ideas. Although most of them are very idealistic, they reflect the creative imagination of children, as well as their deep concern for the things around them.

Robbery deterrent/stopper

This invention idea involves the use of a special machine to deter or stop robbers from harming anyone in a commercial establishment. It employs the use of a technology similar to that of a metal detector to check if a visitor to a commercial establishment has a gun, knife or other murder weapons. The difference it has from a metal detector is that it shoots a string that straps around the body of a robber once they become defensive. Then, the robber is thrown by the machine in a nearby cage.

Bomb freezer

This is one another of kid invention ideas that promote better security or defense for the country. It involves the use of a device that freezes a bomb. It does this by employing the use of ice pellets that can be loaded into a gun like bullets. This invention idea was conceptualized by Jonathan Barrett when he was in fifth grade.

Tree planting machine

Grade school students from Laurel Middle School thought of this invention as an expression of their concern for deforestation. The tree planting machine is basically a special device that allows you to plant trees conveniently. It even has the ability to plant them in multiple numbers in such a short time.

It has a built-in program that provides a record of various species of trees from which you can choose. The program also offers special options that you can use to modify the features of a tree. These features include its size or diameter, strength and even resistance to pests and natural disasters. For more content like this please visitĀ

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