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Wizard101 Hack

Wizard101 Crown Generator is perfect tool for free crowns in Wizard101. The game is big and there is a lot of competition going on. It is hard for a new Wizard to gain some momentum in the game since there are a lot of “wales” out there. Sure, you can go and buy Wizard101 crowns from the official website for real cash. But as I said before, are you willing to pay for crowns everytime you loose a game from a bigger wale wizard. You will end up loosing a lot of money fast. Well that is where we come in with this amazing Wizard101 hack.

What is Wizard101 Hack?

We have developed this tool to help an average Joe become a master wizard in Wizard101. As the name says this Wizard101 hack is a software designed to hack Wizard101 resources. It is an online tool which can add unlimited amounts of free crowns straight to your wizard profile. When I say unlimited, please don’t go crazy with the Wizard101 crown generator. Yes you can generate unlimited crowns, but use it safely and wisely. It is adviseble to generate no more than 99999 crowns per day.

Wizard101 hack

How to use Wizard 101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crown Generator is very straightforward tool. Just follow these very simple steps and you will be playing with tones of crowns in just a few minutes from now.

  1. Click on the “Online Hack” button on this page
  2. Once your Wizard101 Hack has opened, you need to enter your Wizard101 username
  3. Now enter the amount of Crowns you need
  4. Click “Complete” button to activate the Wizard101 hack
  5. Let the generator do it’s magic
  6. Check out your Wizard profile with added crowns

Wizard101 Practical Cheats and Useful Tips

So if you have been in this game, you will need to make things easier for yourself. I suggest you not to be dependent on cheats and miss the pleasent of playing this wizard game. There are also many guides and stretegies written by experienced Wizard 101 players who are at the same time talented authors. We will reveal them later on here.

So I will hunt around a bit more and will come up with more cheats and special strategies. Then, I will let you know about them. Stay in touch.

What you need to know: You need to know how to copy and paste.

Hint for cheaper piggles:

The price of piggles is around 890 unless you change them. So, change its color to yellow from a paint shop. Now, it will cost like 309.

Wizard 101 cheats for being invisible:

First, teleport and before getting sparks around keep moving. You will be invisible for 1-20 sec. depending on how fast your computer is, then teleport.

Hint for buying cheaper pets:

When you go to pet shop buy the brown one which is cheaper then go to paint shop and pick your color.

Wizard 101 cheats for entering Death School/Night Side:

There is a door behind the waterfall in the Commons. You can’t enter that door till the Headmaster gives you a key for that. That will happen around level twelve or so, the time you have gained access to Colossus Boulevard. Be patient and finish the quests, it’s pretty simple.

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