Top Vegetarian Meals

Science has proven that the vegetarian diet is actually one of the healthiest diets on the planet. This is due to the fact that when practiced correctly it is free of many saturated fats, is low in cholesterol, and is completely natural. Think about it for a moment yourself; it is not likely that you know too many overweight vegetarians because when practiced properly the vegetarian diet is very healthy. Of course, the backbone to living a healthy vegetarian lifestyle is the knowledge of how to prepare the top vegetarian meals. The following are just a few tips to help get you started.

First of all, you need to start by eliminating all meat products and byproducts from your home to eliminate any room for error. This may be a little harder than you think because some foods have hidden meat sources in them. For instance, you might think that your French Onion soup is safe, but in reality although it appears vegetarian it probably has beef broth listed as a prime ingredient.

Other hidden vegetarian dangers include marshmallows, jello, other soups, and artificially flavored meat products like bouillon cubes or snacks. It should not be too hard to toss these out though, because anything artificially flavored is usually not good for you anyhow! After all, the aim of a vegetarian diet is to promote a healthier lifestyle, and it is easy enough to achieve both if you try.

If you are just starting out and are not a master chef then it might be easier to adapt to vegetarian cooking by simply altering some dishes you are familiar with to create vegetarian meals. For instance, you might love a good barbecue and immediately find yourself confused without a burger. Simply substitute a vegetable burger from the store or you can try your hand at making burgers from best plant based meats. These are simple and require little prep for a grand result. Those who are not mushroom lovers might want to try black bean burgers which are simple to make and high in protein and taste.

Another great cuisine option that is easy enough to alter is anything Italian. Pastas can easily be made vegetarian by taking out the meat and subbing vegetables in its place. Spinach and mushrooms are very common in Italian food although you can toss in peppers, squash, multiple cheeses, and pretty much anything you like and still have a grand result.

Along the same lines, pizza is a very simple meal to turn vegetarian since you only have to change up a few toppings to have a meal that looks amazing. If you want to get more health benefits out of your pizza consider choosing a light white sauce and adding squash and spinach for some extra flavor and nutrients.

There are many great comfort foods that can be easily turned into vegetarian meals as well such as chunky vegetable soup or a nice deep vegetarian chili. Many people use vegetables, beans, and soy based meat replica products to create wholesome chili that is filling and very nutritious. The joy of creating something like chili or soup is that you can pick and pair your favorite beans and vegetables for a different taste every time. In fact, you might find that vegetarian options end up being much tastier because of the wide array of options in front of you!

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