The Impact of Software patents

Software patents have allowed the very products that people love and need to be developed, from mobile banking to safety technology in automobiles to life-saving medical devices.

There will be less opportunity for a small company to compete with a large company. Large companies have the resources to build a strong development and distribution team. For many small companies, software patents are one of the few areas that put small and large companies on equal footing. Taking away software patents would remove this balance as discussed on

Software patents are used to identify who “owns” the idea. A venture capitalist may be less inclined to invest in a company – knowing that others may be developing the same technology, so that means less capital flowing into the system.

Additionally, without patents there is less ability to hedge an investment. In the event that the company does not make it, a software patent is an asset that may be sold and part of the original investment may be recovered.

Software patents are a way to tell the world about new innovations. The United States Patent and Trademark Office provides access to a broad range of technology. Without software patents, there will be less transparency in innovations because there will be no incentive to tell the United States Patent and Trademark Office about a particular technology ass you can read from

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