Patent Application – Advice and Info

A patent application helps protect your investment in your product creation. You don’t need to file a patent but if you don’t, competitors can legally copy your invention.

Many people don’t know how to apply for a patent. However, a patent application can be simple and straightforward if you know how.

When you make a patent application you have to follow a fixed set of procedures. It’s possible to use a patenting agency, such as InventHelp, or a broker, a lawyer or do it yourself.

Here’s a simple, 5 step summary for a typical patent application :

  • List the main features of your invention.
  • List all the variations of these features & components.
  • Check for similar patents, and pick up class & subclass for your idea too.
  • Search again, and also incorporate the class numbers you’ve discovered.
  • Now you’ve found other patents very close (but hopefully not the same) to your idea, and you can proceed to make full application.

A patent attorney or a patent agency, can make the whole patent application process much easier… but you have to pay. However, the right patent lawyer or an patenting agency like InventHelp can be worth the money as you can see from these Invent Help reviews online.

What should you look for in a patent attorney? Well, you need to check he has relevant experience, ideally in your exact area. You certainly need to check the prices he charges.

A patent lawyer can handle the whole, complex patent search and patent application process for you. You can do it all yourself, and apply through the USPTO, but the right patent firm can be worthwhile if you don’t want to go through the whole process yourself.

The USPTO actually strongly recommends applicants use a patent attorney, but that’s entirely your own choice.

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