Parts of a Patent


A patent application must include a clear and concise written description of the invention including enough information to enable a person of ordinary skill in the art of making and using it without undue experimentation, trials and errors. The application must also describe one or several implementations which the inventor believes to be the best mode. The specification is divided into the following parts:


Background which states the field of the invention, describes the problem that the invention is intended to solve, and the state of the art regarding competing and current methods for solving the problem. The background should also include the objects and advantages of the invention over the prior art as discussed on

Summary of the invention.

Brief Description of the Drawings.

Detailed Description of the Invention. This section explains the invention in detail, referring to the components in the drawings by means of reference numerals. If the invention has already been reduced to practice, then it is customary to use the past tense. Otherwise, the present and imperative are used to describe a predicted operation.

Abstract: a complete, concise and clear paragraph of about 250 words or less.


Patent drawings are required when they are necessary in understanding the claimed invention. They must show all the elements of the claimed invention using reference numerals.


An invention must also include one or several claims that delimit exactly, in legal terms, the invention. The writing of claims is a highly specialized skill that critically determines how well the invention is protected. Each word in a claim can have far-reaching legal implication and is carefully chosen by the patent professionals, such as InventHelp. Each claim must be written in a single sentence and must be free standing.

A claim can be independent, or dependent. An independent claim does not refer to any other claim. A dependent claim must refer back to a previously written dependent or independent claim.

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