Local Helicopter Flights

A helicopter flight is a short flight given by the local helicopter company. The Helicopter flights can be just for fun, they can help with business such as Real estate, Farming (See crops), or to see if you are interested in learning to fly as you can see from Bekaa Air MyVidster profile.

A helicopter flight for fun may involve experiencing a flight. Many people have not been up in helicopter. The experience is quite different than a commercial jet. A helicopter flight may entail you flying over your home, recreational land to see it from a different prospective and or photographing it and taping the view.

Helicopter flights used for Real estate and commercial real estate and resorts can be useful. To get a good photograph for a client from the air may be the competitive difference in your business. For commercial real estate a aerial photograph may be needed for planning where buildings are placed. Resorts can get a aerial view and put it on there brochure or take video of the resort from air. Gain the competitive edge of using a photograph to enhance your business.

Helicopter flights for farming can help with understanding planting and chemical applications. A “birds eye view can help a farmer understand and improve his planting and chemical conditions. This advantage will in increase yeilds, and decrease time and increase revenue.

Last not least if you want to learn to fly and be just a passenger you can take a flight with Certified flight instructor or commercial pilot and actually take off and land the helicopter yourself guided by a Certified Flight Instructor.

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