How to get free gems in Clash Royale

Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!

Note: – To run this game, you need a working network connection!
Though the game Clash Royale Download is free, you will still have the option to purchase stuff with real money if you wanted to!
If you do not want this option, you can disable this in-app purchases in your device settings, you can change them anytime you wish to. As per the terms and conditions, you must be above the age of 13 to play or download clash royale.

Clash Royale Feature:

  • You can compete with players from all around the world, real-time competition and you can take their trophies as well.
  • To unlock the rewards, earn chests.
  • Upgrade your existing cards by collecting the new cards.
  • Destroy the towers of your opponents!
  • Win the crowns to earn your epic crown sheet!
  • You can now upgrade your existing collection with the Clash Royale family who has got tons and tons of clash troop, spells and defenses as well!
  • To defeat your opponents, construct your ultimate battle deck
  • Now you can also challenge your friends or classmates in a private duel
  • Now you can master different battle tactics by watching all the best duels on Tv Royale

So Clash Royale basically a mobile based game which is completely free of cost. This game falls under the category of strategy videos games! So this game has been developed by a Finland-based company called as Supercell, we will get back to it in a minute.

How to get free gems in Clash Royale

There is something called as matchmaking in the game, let’s get to know about this. So basically the matchmaking in Clash Royale is based on the player level and your trophy count as well.
Talking a bit about the gameplay, this is basically a real-time strategy game. In this game, all the players can collect and upgrade all the different cards which are from the original clash of clans studio. The cards which you have, all the cards are unique, and you can have only up to eight cards in a single deck. If you won, you would be having more and more numbers of trophies and glory.
Talking a bit about the chests, there are mainly three types of chests in this game. And the best thing is that you will get a free chest for every four hours! The crown chests are available every 24 hours. In order to unlock them, you must earn ten crowns in multiplayer battles.

And the last type of chest is, treasure chest, and these are again further divided into three chests, namely, silver chest, gold chest and magical chest. This kind of chests will be given to you only when you win a battle. You can also purchase these chests with the gems which you are having. And to get to those gems is a slow and long process. There are a lot of online generators and Clash Royale hack tools claiming unlimited gems but not all of them are working. Some will even hurt your account. We found one reliable enough source where you can really hack Clash Royale for gems and gold.

Talking a bit about the card rankings, the card rankings in the Clash Royale are based on the stats. First you have got a bunch of common cards, which are pretty easy to find, and also, cheap to upgrade as well. And the second type is the rare cards, which are really hard to find and also much costlier when compared to the rare cards. The final card is the epic card, which is the most valued card and also the tough card to come.

Every game has currency, so that this game has. The currency in this game is gold and gems, if you want to earn gold, then you need to donate your cards to a clan member or else you need to get them while opening a chest. So basically, Gold is used to upgrade all your cards to the higher level so that you can increase the stats.

The best thing is that the game also comes along with the shop where you can buy three random cards as well. Moreover, the shop refreshes every 24 hours and the best is that only every Sunday a new special offer is being activated in the shop.
Talking about the clans, at XP level 3 will also be available, you can join a clan if you wish to or else you can create your clan if you have got 1000 gold coins. The best part is that you can also chat with your friends in this and can also play friendly matches between your clan members. The best part is that you also have the option to donate the cards.

So this was all about Clash Royale, if you have got any other doubts or queries, comment down below and we ill definitely help you out with it. You can navigate to rest of our blog posts in order to get information regarding clash royale apk or how to download clash royale for pc.

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