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Fortnite is a brand new game that comes from the family of epic games and is still in somewhat beta mode. You are free to join and enter the Batlle Royale at no cost and you can play the game as much as you can, but if you wish to play the campaign, well you have to pay for that. But it is worth the money for sure. Which ever mode you decide to play, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll enjoy high quality shooting and amazing graphics.

There is one thing that you can purchase in the game and those are the skins. There are a lot of skins that are really, I mean really cool. To complete any kind of ingame purchase you need the game’s currency and that is a v-buck. You can buy v-bucks for real money or since you are already here on this website, why don’t you try our Fortnite hack and save your money, because with this Fortnite hacks you will get v-bucks for free.

Fortnite hacks – How to get free v-bucks

Don’t waste your money, we give you the Fortnite hack – V-bucks generator that will give you free v-bucks in just five easy and quick steps. Let’s see how it works:

  1. Hit the button to go to the online Fortnite generator
  2. Now enter your or whom ever Fortnite username that you wish to generate v-bucks for
  3. In this step you should choose your device you are using to play and hack Fortnite
  4. Now enter the amount of V-bucks you want to add to the chosen username
  5. Finally click “Start Hack”, let the generator do the magic, prove that you are human and you are ready to go with your FREE V-bucks

As you can see for yourself it is a very simple and fast process to get from 0 v-bucks to 1000’s of free v-bucks. Please note that sometimes when our tool is overcrowded it can take up to 24h for your newly generated or hacked Fortnite v-bucks to appear on your game account.

Fortnite hack

How Fortnite hack even works?

It is really complicated to explain how any software works to an average Joe. There is no difference with this Fortnite hack tool. Let’s say that there is a loophole in the source code of the game. We found a way to tweek here and there through the code and thus found a way to influence the v-bucks amount for any registered player. We even went a mile further and optimized the Fortnite v-bucks hack to work flawlessly on all devices. So you can use this hack on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4 or Xbox. Pretty cool ? Also, the Fortnite hack tool is completely online based, and completely encrypted for your safety.

How safe is your Fortnite hack?

When it comes to safety we can confirm that it is our top priority. We have tested the tool in various modes, played around with all types of devices, hacked some crazy amounts of v-bucks and all other things to test the correlation between our hack tool with the game. And guess what? The success rate was really impressive. In 99% of situations, we have cracked the code and successfully added hacked v-bucks to our accounts with no consequences what so ever. So the answer is YES, the tool is perfectly safe to use and you will not get caught by the Fortnite. Furthermore as we mentioned earlier our Fortnite hack is cloud based, therefore completely online. Since you don’t have to download nothing there are no risks of viruses or malware for your device. Use the tool without hesitation.


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