How should I choose a prototype printed circuit board company?

How should I choose a prototype printed circuit board company?

This is an interesting time to be in the printed circuit board industry. On the one hand, PCB boards are being used in more products and processes than ever before; and, on the other hand, the manufacture of PCBs has grown by leaps and bounds in recent decades. In other words, companies have more demand than ever before, but they also face so many options that it can be difficult to locate the right provider or provider.

The answer, as always, is in the details. That is, there are certain things you should look for in PCBA manufacturing that can make a difference. This is especially true when it comes to prototypes, which are not only important for design and manufacturing, but also tend to be time sensitive.

These are some important criteria that you should consider when choosing a prototype printed circuit board company, based on our years of experience in the industry:

PCBA manufacturing

As any experienced manufacturer can tell you, not all printed circuit boards meet the same quality standards. In fact, the failure rates in different manufacturers can vary a lot. Quality is fundamental in the whole process of design and creation of prototypes, where small errors can be magnified and affect not only the costs, but also the success or failure of a product or a complete project.

An interesting thing about the manufacturing and prototyping of printed circuit boards is that quality and prices do not always go hand in hand. Of course, more experienced designers and producers tend to have higher rates, but the industry in general is so competitive that few companies charge much more than their competitors. As a result, it makes sense for customers to look for prototypes and manufacture PCBs.

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