Blogs are the Best Way to Generate Traffic

Just think about it for a second. blogs churn out timely, keyword rich content targeted at a specific audience. This is exactly what the search engines thrive on, consequently, search engines love blogs and they show their love by sending lots of free, organic traffic. This is a winning proposal. As long as bloggers keep cranking out high quality, relevant content, the search engines will keep sending lots of traffic their way.

Here are seven ways to boost blog traffic even more:

Create link-worthy content

Quality content attracts both readers and links. Blogs with the reputation for excellent content generate lots of natural traffic. Offering a variety of content including text, audio and video is another way blogs generate traffic.

Submit to blog directories

Submitting your blog’s URL to the various blog directories helps spread the word about your blog’s existence to human readers, while it also generates backlinks which helps to raise your blog’s visibility and popularity and boosts SEO.

Ping blog directories when you post new content

Register with ping aggregators, which will send out a ping on behalf of your blog whenever you post fresh content. Bloggers who use the WordPress CMS for their blog don’t need to worry about pinging because WordPress does this automatically for you.

Submit RSS feed to directories

Submitting your blog’s feed to RSS directories is another way of letting the world know about your blog. The great thing about RSS is that it ‘pushes’ your blog’s content to the readers who have requested it. Each morning visitors check their RSS readers for the day’s fresh content and then they may pay an actual visit to your blog if you’ve posted something that has piqued their interest.

Blog consistently

When you stick to a consistent blogging schedule, the search engine bots will come by and index your content more often.

Comment on top blogs in your niche

Commenting on other blogs draws new readers back to your blog. Make sure that your comment reflects your thoughts about the blog post. You gain more exposure in your niche, begin to create relationships and generate backlinks for your blog.

Give something valuable away

Who doesn’t like something for free? Giving away something valuable attracts a lot of attention because people will share your link with their network to spread the word about your giveaway. You’ll attract lots of traffic and grow the list of inbound links to your blog.

These are all various ways that you can boost the natural flow of traffic that your blog is getting. Of course, you’ll need a lot of time to do all this, and it is something new businesses in Phoenix don’t have, so hiring a professional Phoenix SEO Agency to do the SEO for your company would be smart. Because blogs are expected to be timely and current, finding a topic that you are passionate about and enjoy writing about is the key because if you don’t absolutely love it, you’re going to find it challenging to write on that topic day in and day out. Your energy and passion for your topic will shine through in what you write and that will attract your ideal audience to your blog.

In a nutshell, blogs are the best way to generate traffic because they give the search engines exactly what they want—lots of keyword rich content.

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