The Impact of Software patents

Software patents have allowed the very products that people love and need to be developed, from mobile banking to safety technology in automobiles to life-saving medical devices.

There will be less opportunity for a small company to compete with a large company. Large companies have the resources to build a strong development and distribution team. For many small companies, software patents are one of the few areas that put small and large companies on equal footing. Taking away software patents would remove this balance as discussed on

Software patents are used to identify who “owns” the idea. A venture capitalist may be less inclined to invest in a company – knowing that others may be developing the same technology, so that means less capital flowing into the system.

Additionally, without patents there is less ability to hedge an investment. In the event that the company does not make it, a software patent is an asset that may be sold and part of the original investment may be recovered.

Software patents are a way to tell the world about new innovations. The United States Patent and Trademark Office provides access to a broad range of technology. Without software patents, there will be less transparency in innovations because there will be no incentive to tell the United States Patent and Trademark Office about a particular technology ass you can read from

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What is Patentable

The first step on the road to obtaining a patent is determining whether the subject matter of your invention patentable? Generally, the subject matter of your patent must be a process, machine, composition of matter or manufacture. Process includes methods or procedures such as a procedure of fixing a car or a method doing business over the Internet. Composition of matter includes such things as a new molecule.

Simply put, if you made it then you can patent it. Generally, the limits as to what you may receive a patent for is bound by your imagination. For example, you may be able to receive a patent on a new use of a known process, machine, composition of matter or manufacture.

However, there are exceptions. For example, you may not patent an invention if its only purpose violates morality. Additionally, you may not obtain a patent for a natural phenomena, mental process, and abstract intellectual concept because they are “basic tools” of technological work as explained in post.

Here, are a few examples to work through so as to make sure that you understand the discussion of what is patentable?

  • Is E=mc squared patentable?
  • Is magnetism patentable?
  • Is an electrical relay patentable?
  • Is a pencil patentable?
  • Is a website that collects information from various users patentable? E.g.,

No, the equation is not patentable subject matter because it is an abstract intellectual concept which is a “basic tool” of technological work. Although the equation is very useful and a discovery of nature, it is not an invention or discovery that may be patented. Magnetism isn’t patentable because it is a natural phenomena and it too is considered to be a “basic tool” of technological work as you can see from article.

Rather, an electrical relay that uses the principles of magnetism to operate the inner workings of the relay is patentable. Hence, although natural phenomena and the like are not patentable, an invention that incorporates the principles of the natural phenomena and the like are patentable.

Yes, the pencil is patentable. As stated above, anything made by man is patentable subject matter. Yes, the website is patentable subject matter. It may be easier to think of what is not patentable because the United States has a broad inclusion of invention or discoveries that may be the subject matter of patents.

Common Trademark and Patent Basic Information

Why Should You Register Your Trademark or Patent?

A trademark and patent is a form of intellectual property that needs to be properly protected in order to deflect legal ownership claims. By registering a trademark and patent, unrelated parties may be prevented from using or profiting from the intellectual property in question.

What Types of Items Should be Registered?

A trademark consists of a symbol, words, device or a distinctive mark that is used to represent a particular good or service that is offered by its owner. On the other hand, a patent can represent the creation or discovery of a utility, design or plant. These are the types of items that should be registered.

In order to begin the trademark and patent registration process, you can visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website. This federal office has a large quantity of information that can be easily accessed.

One of the first things that you will need to do is to search the USPTO databases to see if a trademark and patent already exists for your particular item. You will have to fill out extensive paperwork that will go into finite details about your trademark and patent. A full checklist of tasks is available on the USPTO website. You can always hire professional patenting agency, such as InventHelp, to help you with these tasks.

How Much Does Registration Cost?

There are various costs involved in the registration process which include maintenance fees, applications fees and other fees. Current pay schedules for a trademark and patent are available at the USPTO website.

Each registration case is unique. As a result, a trademark applicant can expect an answer within 3 months from their application. However, there are cases where an approval or denial is not received for several years if there are legal issues involved or other complicated matters arise. For a patent application, an applicant can expect to wait an average of 2 years.

What Laws or Regulations Govern Trademark and Patent Registrations?

The Trademark Act and Trademark Rules of Practice are applicable in trademark registrations, while the Patent Act and Patent Practice and Procedure laws apply in patent registrations. Whether the application is completed by an attorney or a layperson, the applicant is expected to understand and comply with these statutes.

Once Approved, How Long Does My Registration Last?

A new trademark registration lasts for a 10 year term and can be renewed with an Affidavit of Use for additional 10 year terms. A new patent registration lasts for 20 years, although a design patent only lasts for 14 years.

What are the Common Problems That are Faced with Trademarks and Patents?

Trademark and patent registrations can result in a denial if the paperwork is completed incorrectly, is lacking information or relates to items that cannot be registered. For instance, a generic name for a goods or service cannot be registered as a trademark. Understanding the entire registration process from start to finish is vital.

Who is Best Equipped to Handle Registrations?

An attorney that has been well-educated in intellectual property law is better equipped to complete the registration process. There are many complex legal terms and processes that are involved with a trademark and patent. It is recommended that laypersons avoid attempting to handle these matters on their own and seek invention help from professionals.

Intellectual Property “IP” Litigation

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are abstract and often difficult for laypersons, judges, and/or attorneys to understand. Many attorneys have a difficult time understanding how copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade dress and/or trade secrets lawsuits should be litigated.

Making sure that you understand the technology behind the intellectual property, and can explain it to judges, juries and your opposing attorneys is vital to the success of any IP lawsuit as explained in Having good experts that can explain the technology to a judge or jury, can often be the difference between winning and losing an IP lawsuit. An Intellectual Property Law Attorney is more of an educator and/or teacher than in most other areas of law.

A successful intellectual property attorney must come up to speed quickly on the clients’ technology, how the intellectual property protects the technology, the clients’ business interests, and how to use the litigation process to maximize the value of the intellectual property rights. Often, a good intellectual property portfolio is only, as good as, the law firm litigating and enforcing your intellectual property rights as written in article.

The more successful you are with your intellectual property lawsuits, the more you will be able to command a higher royalty from your licensees. However, if any of your intellectual property rights are invalidated, then there is the danger that one adverse ruling ruins your ability to monetize that copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secrets rights.